Single Sided #: 01040-01  |  Double Sided #: 01040-02

Radiant heating for your bathtub

ComfortWarm™ uses radiant heat technology to directly heat the surface of the bathtub’s back-rest.

Use the three heat settings to adjust the heat intensity at any time with a simple press of the touchpad controller.

Activate the LED touchpad and select from one of the three available heat settings. ComfortWarm™ immediately begins to silently warm the bathtub’s backrest.

Adjust the heats intensity at anytime with a simple press of the touchpad.

A maintenance free system, ComfortWarm™ plugs into a regular outlet and uses less energy than a standard lightbulb.

Available in two configurations:
Dual heated shoulder and neck rests.
Singular heated neck, shoulder, and back rest.

ComfortWarm™ is the perfect compliment to any Acritec acrylic bathtub.


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