Lateral Air

White #: 00021  |  Chrome #: 00024  |  Brushed Nickel #: 00023

Hydro therapy systems offer a total body massage, surrounding you in thousands of tiny pre-heated bubbles of air.

Our Hydro therapy system is quiet, yet powerful; designed to operate with minimal vibration so as not to interrupt your bathing experience. Each of our Air Jet systems is exceptionally hygienic, with each jet having its own check valve to prevent water from flowing into the system. In addition, each system is pre-programmed to purge and dry the system after each use. Multiple directional jets are strategically placed within the bath to provide a dynamic massage experience. Jet intensity is easily adjusted through a quick turn of an air control knob. Jet trims are white to match the colour of the bath and can be upgraded to chrome or brushed nickel finishes.

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