Linear End Drain | Low Profile Double Threshold Shower Base

The Linear Drain (Grill) series features a recessed stainless steel grill that covers a drain trough at the end of the base.  We created this base to feature an industrial look with angular profiles. As a result, the base perfectly compliments a modern or industrial bathroom design.  We currently make the Linear drain series in double threshold and left or right end-drain configurations.

Acritec Linear Drain shower bases are made from high gloss acrylic and supported with several layers of fiberglass.  During manufacturing we hand laminate wood reinforcement into all support and structural areas of the shower base. This results in a solid, durable, and rigid product.  These bases do require a standard shower base drain under the stainless steel grill.


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End Drain
Compatible Shower Door
Base Size Part No. Ruxton Pivot Abbott Rolling Cortez Hinged Ebony Pivot
42×36 LH: 60044G | RH: 60045G #51603.S42LH.51673 or #51606.S42RH.51673
60×30 LH: 60134G | RH: 60135G #57073.57103 #51613.S60LH.51643 or #51616.S60RH.51643
60×32 LH: 60144G | RH: 60145G #57073.57113 #51613.S60LH.51653 or #51616.S60RH.51653 #51723.51743.51753
60×36 LH: 60164G | RH: 60165G #57073.57133 #51613.S60LH.51673 or #51616.S60RH.51673 #51723.51743.51773

The shower door part numbers shown feature clear glass and chrome trim. In some cases brushed nickel trim is available.

Shower door and base combinations are specific to Acritec shower bases. Please contact us if you are trying to match an Acritec shower door to a non-Acritec shower base.

Please refer to the specific shower door product pages for detailed product information.

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