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Acritec is a family owned and run company based in Canada. We were established in 1984 by two brothers, Iqubal & Gulam Bhimji. We are a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of bathroom fixtures. Here at Acritec, we focused on creating and providing the highest quality products for our customers so that you can focus on the things that truly matter.

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Click below to explore our wide range of baths, from alcove to freestanding.

Shower Bases


Click below to explore our wide range of Shower Bases, from barrier-free to low-profile.



Click below to explore our wide range of bath and shower doors/screens.



Click below to explore our wide range of basins. Many different styles and installation types.



Click below to explore our wide range of kitchen & utility sinks. Styles for every kitchen.



Click below to explore our wide range of faucets. From free-standing to wall-mount.



Click below to explore some of our toilets. Our elongated toilets are great for projects.

Upgrades & Accessories


Click below to explore our wide range of accessories and upgrades for baths.

Popular Products


Part #: 44471

Check out our Penelope free-standing bath. One of our most popular freestanding baths


Part #: 36422

We have a wide range of counter-top basins that can fit any style of bathroom.


Part #: 83031

Looking for the perfect faucet to compliment you freestanding bath. Check out our Arc faucet


Global Skin Care

The Pure Bubbles System pressurizes air and water though a patented fitting which forms micro bubbles (0.01mm). The resulting bubbles form an effervescent cloud of air within the bathwater creating a spa-like skin treatment.

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As we are building our showroom we only have a few items that are constantly on display. Most of our products will have to be pulled from the warehouse, we ask that you choose 3 items you would like to see before arrival so that we can have your items pulled and ready for when you visit.

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