We are a family owned and operated company located in beautiful British Columbia. Acritec was established in 1984 by two brothers. Since 1984 Acritec has grown from a couple person operation to now having over 50 employees and two locations.

If we were to have a mantra it would probably be something like “Constantly Grow & Improve.” Like most companies we have our strong and weak points but we are working tirelessly to improve every aspect of our company to make our customers experience that much better.

In a nutshell. We are a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of products from bathroom basins to freestanding baths. We are focused on designing & building the highest quality products for our customers.


Our design philosophy is focused on two things, function & beauty. These two components determine how we design and build all of our products. We desire that all of our products are to be both masterfully built, to stand the test of time yet also to be able to be the focal point of your beautifully designed bathroom.

As we all know trends come and go. We are focused on creating products that have both a timeless design & a timeless build. It can be difficult to create products that are both timeless in build & design. That’s why we spend months looking at trends all around the world and consulting design professionals.


We love what we do! All the way from the designers desk to the manufacturing floor. We believe that our customers deserve the best and that’s why we back up all of our designs with the highest quality material.

Here at Acritec we don’t believe in “Good Enough.” We go through rigorous testing and evaluating with all of our products to ensure the highest quality. We are focused on constantly improving both the design and the build of our products.


Contact Us

Send us an email and let us know what information you require. Please specify part numbers or names if you have a query on a particular item.

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